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April 2014


Market Intelligence

Cleantech offers a number of subscription services to comprehensive commercial data sets, covering oil, gas and power markets. Based on this data you will be able to contact the individuals such as potential client's the country manager or a member of management. You will be able to sell your products and services, or negotiate a farm-in/farm-out. You will be better able to understand these markets, and spot emerging commercial opportunities.


Cleantech provides consulting services in the following segments:

  • Biogas
  • Biomass
  • Green building
  • Nuclear
  • Power markets
  • Wind
  • Shale gas
  • Solar
  • Smart grid

Cleantech work products include the following:

  • Client representation in-country
  • Customer introductions in-country
  • Data acquisition
  • Equity fundraising/debt arranging
  • Market entry strategies
  • Marketing & promotion
  • Pro-forma financial reviews

Payment and contract terms are suited to the needs of the customer. Contract types include lump sum, cost-plus and or a day/week rate. In some circumstances, representation services in-country can be based on success only. Data can be sourced quarterly or monthly.

To discuss consulting services you may contact:
Parker Snyder, Director
(+48) 517 369 881

Siemens, DTZ, Skanska, Ghelamco, SwedeCenter, Capital Park, CDM Smith, UBM, Greenfield Wind, GoldenSun, Green Assets Inwestycje, EIP, Esperotia, Schlumberger, Halliburton, CB&I, Geofizika Torun, IP Group, Weatherford, CDM Smith, PGNiG Diament, NTS Construction, Packers Plus, US Steel, Tenaris, Marathon Oil, GEO-data, Geokrak, Veolia, GreyStar/Penspen, PwC and PacWest Consulting.



needed a cleantech strategy for southern Poland. Based on primary research and site visits in the city of Wrocław, Cleantech produced a report describing new market opportunities and generating a list of primary contacts. The link to the final work product can be found at: http://issuu.com/cleantechpoland/docs/wroclaw_report_web

Packers Plus

Packers Plus, a Canadian technology company, wanted to meet potential customers. Cleantech worked with Packers Plus in Poland to build their client base, helping with the following services: city-wide advertising, client introductions, market analysis and in-country representation. Cleantech organized several technical trainings for customers.


PacWest Logo

PacWest, a consulting company, hired Cleantech to conduct primary research into the oilfield services market. Over several months, Cleantech analyzed the markets for pressure pumping, mud logging, wireline and coil tubing. The end-client was an American IOC who had newly arrived to the market, and needed the information to prepare and solicit tender (bid) requests from contractors.


GreyStar Logo

GreyStar/Penspen, a midstream oil and gas engineering company, hired Cleantech to arrange a series of introductions to operators in the Polish unconventional gas markets. Working on a day rate, Cleantech arranged a dozen meetings with potential clients, giving the business development manager access he would have otherwise not had.

IP Group

IP Group
, an American owned startup, hired Cleantech to develop their company's brand in the Polish energy sectors. A team of creatives worked to conceptualize a logo, build a website, design an advertorial, sponsor a business mixer and generate client leads. The link to part of the final work product can be found at: http://issuu.com/cleantechpoland/docs/ipgroup


November 2015



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